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Welcome to! First conceptualized in 2007, n0mad is my attempt to combine my love of nature, travel, and music into one
encompassing life project. Born a dual citizen of nearly antipodal nations, I was fortunate enough to grow up traveling between
the hemispheres on a regular basis. Following multiple study abroad programs at university I've been moving every three to nine
months, mostly for seasonal wildlife conservation and agricultural work, as well as self-funded excursions. My interest in photography
and videography has come mostly as a result of living and working in diverse ecosystems, coupled with a desire to share the love
and fascination I feel for this planet. All the while I've also fed and nurtured an ever increasing addiction to listening to and playing
all kinds of music, despite the challenges imposed by constant relocation. Originally a drummer, I've been falling deeper and deeper
into the rabbit hole the last few years, learning different instruments and trying to pick up as many different styles as I listen to...
Starting around the beginning of 2012 I decided to put all my resources into getting this project off the ground; sitting down to write
some original compositions, organizing my photos and timelapses, and setting up this website. My plan is to integrate the media
as much as possible, such as using real world audio samples that I record for music that I put to video and timelapses, for instance.
I aim to combine and share the sights and sounds I experience as I continue to explore as much of the world and my own mind
as possible. Believe me when I say I would post smells on here too if I could! If possible I'd like to keep all the web content free
and donation based (check Downloads section) as far as personal use is concerned. Keep in mind that I spend 95% of my time
and resources on this project, so please donate what you can (even a dollar or two!) if you appreciate what I'm doing or are taking
advantage of the downloads. I'm also selling prints so please send me an email if something in particular catches your eye.
I hope you enjoy this project as much as I do, and that it might help inspire others to push the boundaries of their imaginations,
dreams, and desires as well as inspire feelings of respect and fascination for this beautiful planet that we all co-inhabit.
Send me a mail and tell me what you think!


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